2020 Graduate Recruitment Registration - Process

Book for all on-campus recruitment events, including Careers Service Guide advertising, careers expos, employer presentations, company showcases and more. Bookings open 3 February 2020.  

The booking process is as follows:

  • Email or call a member of the Graduate Recruitment team to discuss your booking;
  • You will then receive an email outlining your request. Included in this is a link to an online booking form;
  • Log in and complete the booking form as the final step.

Please keep in mind:

  • Bookings are limited - all events are booked on a first-come, first-served basis; and
  • Bookings are confirmed only once this form has been completed, submitted and approved.

The annual Registration fee of R3 700 (excluding VAT) will automatically be added to your total costs. This fee entitles you to the following added benefits:

  • A listing (i.e. company profile) in the 2020 Careers Service Guide *
  • A listing (i.e. company profile) on MyCareer for the academic year, allowing all students and registered alumni to search and access your company profile & opportunities; and
  • Five free advertisements on MyCareer to advertise any recruitment opportunities you may have.

* Only bookings submitted by 20 March 2020 will receive the added benefit of being listed in the 2020 Careers Service Guide.

Kindly note that once submitted, this registration form serves as a proforma invoice. You will receive a tax invoice from the UCT Finance department in due course. 

For bookings, contact:

Nawaal Boolay

Head Employer Relations

Email: nawaal.boolay@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650 5028

Hishamodien Hoosain 

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator

Email: hishamodien.hoosain@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650 5360

Stephanie Idas

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator

Email: stephanie.idas@uct.ac.za

Tel: 021 650 4683